How to Celebrate Small Business Week

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This week (April 29 - May 5) has been designated as National Small Business Week and we're taking the time to celebrate! Since the week-long event was first issued in 1963 by the U.S. Small Business Administration, the number of small businesses created has continued to rise and now America boasts nearly 30 million small businesses!

These doers and makers and hustlers and risk-takers walk the walk. They work all-nighters to make sure you have your project done. They hand-deliver your special-ordered piece to make sure it gets there on-time. They scour articles and listen to seminars to try to make sure they're doing the best they can. Despite the uncertainty and challenges, they push forward because it's what drives them. We need these inspirational innovators! 

We have so many incredible ones here in our area and we're urging you to celebrate the value and importance of these businesses and entrepreneurs bring to our city!

Looking to support? Here are some easy ways to celebrate Small Businesses:

SHOP SMALL: Online AND in person! We have so many fun retails shops right here in Baltimore! Stop in, say hello and grab something! Have you been eyeing that new Thor movie? Grab it at Sound Garden! Need a quick present for the bachelorette? Stop into PUNCH! Want to update your living room set? Visit Su Casa! Want a fun present for the kids? Grab some augmented reality HoloTats from aMuse (double shop small!)! 

EAT SMALL: And we don't mean change your portion size - eating small means you're supporting local restaurants and eateries who make up your community! It may be easy to grab a quick meal deal, but this week try to venture out. Stop into your neighborhood coffee shop instead of the big chain. Devour a tasty, hand-made smoothie instead of the shake up one from the grocery store. Grab a from-scratch lunch/dinner from the spot on your corner. You can even use GrubHub to order-in from your favorite small business! 

WRITE A SUPPORTIVE REVIEW: Small businesses often rely on word of mouth to get new customers and your reviews affect that chain. Do you love somewhere in town but you've never taken the time to review? Find them on Yelp, Facebook, Google, etc. and show them some love! A few words goes a long way. 

FIND A PARTNERSHIP: Are you a blogger or influencer looking to partner with a brand on your feed? Reach out to the small businesses you love! They have tighter budgets, but they're often looking to partner - it's a great way to further your brand and theirs! 

CONNECT WITHIN YOUR COMMUNITY: Local businesses are often super involved in their communities, way beyond their stores. These leaders often become mentors and supporters of their neighborhoods and communities - coaching local teams, sponsoring local schools, and more. Step out of the box and make some connections in your community this week - as you learn more about what these businesses/people do, you can learn how to support! 

Join us in celebrating at @FollowGoodVibes with #SmallBusinessWeek! 

National Small Business Week - Good Vibes Consulting