Help after the Ellicott City Flooding

Ellicott City flash flood 2018 via Just In Weather

Ellicott City flash flood 2018 via Just In Weather

In 2016, our local town of Ellicott City was hit with a devastating flash flooding, nearly wiping out every business on Main Street. Unfortunately, after many had worked hard to reopen and start welcoming guests back into the town, they were hit again. 

This past weekend, Ellicott City was struck with yet another flash flood - possibly even worse than last time. Once again, many of the amazing, small businesses have been damaged and destroyed. 

One of our clients and friends, Su Casa, has a storefront there and while all their staff got out safe (which is most important!), it will be a long road of recovery ahead. The flooding was worse that last time and the damage/loss is just starting to be assessed. In order to continue to pay their employees and to recover inventory, they're going to need help.  

That's where the community comes in! 

One thing we love about Su Casa is that they're a community-centric company. From the owner Nick, who you can still see making deliveries and at the stores almost every day, to the sales team, who asks how your event went, how your dog is doing and what's happening with your new job...they care. The neighborhood lights, the street celebrations, the community charities - they're always involved trying to make the area around them better. We know it's hard for them to ask for support but we also know it's important. 

That's why we're sharing their GoFundMe campaign! If you're able to donate to help their team, please do so! No donation is too small and it all matters. In a day of big, overpowering companies, small businesses and business owners like us truly depend on their supporters to help stay open and stay afloat.

Please donate at: