New Instagram Features to Know

New Instagram Features to Know - Good Vibes Consulting

Our social media platforms are always changing - it's important for businesses and entrepreneurs to stay updated. We're here to help you better understand some of the items Instagram recently changed and how these features might affect you and your business! 

  • Branded Face Filters: As we continue to grow with Instagram, we're seeing more and more opportunities for Brands to create features to inspire user-generated content. Influencers and brands can now create their own face filters for Stories that are accessible to users who follow them. The face filters are created through Facebook’s AR Camera Platform. Brands creating their own face filters is most likely going to be a big asset in gaining followers and spreading brand awareness.


  • Spotify Sharing: We love our Spotify playlists (here's one of our favorites). Fun news - now you can share songs straight from Spotify to Instagram Story. If you’re listening to a song on Spotify app, click on the three dots next to the song, select Share and then tap Instagram Stories - so easy. The best part about this new feature is that your friends & fans can open that song directly from Stories into Spotify. We see this being a super fun way for brands to start connecting their communities with the musical side of their company.


  • Muting Accounts: This new feature allows users to continue following accounts without seeing their photos. Don't worry - muted accounts won't know that you've muted them (and you can un-mute at any time).


  • Customized Explore Page: The Explore page can be great for companies - it's a creative space where you can discover new influencers and get inspiration from others' content. The Instagram team has recently re-created their page. They've also created a new Channels feature, which presents a variety of topics at the top of the page - here users can create their own customization. It makes the page more intentional AND it's great news for brands that get features.


  • Comment Moderation: This is Instagram's way of trying to block bullies - working to block insulting comments including threats. You can access this feature in the Options menu of the app under ‘Comment Controls’. Under Automatic Filter, choose the option ‘Hide Offense Comments’.