Creative Solutions

We specialize in propelling brands forward through unique, strategic and creative services. We work on marketing strategy, social media, influencer relations, team trainings, digital consultation, public relations and more. Our team can help clarify your goals, then work with you to a create content that will help you achieve them. 

Our team is your team

We take pride in fully immersing ourselves in each partnership we take on. We listen to your input and provide thoughtful, strategic plans to help you achieve your goals. No box solutions here. We are here for you and with you.

We have a small roster of clients, allowing us to focus on the needs of your business. We are committed to our values of creative solutions, inspiration, integrity, hard work and, of course, good vibes.

We want to help your business propel forward with Good Vibes by its side.



For clients looking to get their foot in the social media game for the first time and/or those who are looking to supplement their team. Let our team help LAUNCH your brand onto the social scene with Social Media Strategy session - reviewing and creating a plan around your presence, including recommendations for platforms as well as a personalized Best Practices document (the what, when, how & more). Our team will manage three of your main social media accounts, keeping your voice and audience engagement consistent. To supplement our posting, we also offer a 2 hour Team Training and Editorial Calendar outline. In this package, we offer one half hour Photoshoot to create content for your platforms.

Launch Package monthly investment: $750


For clients who are ready to take their brand presence to the next level. Our team can help you SHINE through social media, email marketing and on your website. We will review and create a specialized Social Media Strategy with recommendations on platforms and best practices as well as an Editorial Calendar with a Strategic Campaign. Our account management will cover four platforms and includes Live Posting from one brand event/program. We include one one-hour Photoshoot (or two half hour sessions) for content creation. Additionally, we offer Email Marketing Strategy to communicate with your attentive email audience. Email management in this package includes the content creation, design and distribution of one email. In our Shine Package, you will also receive our Good Vibes Website Audit where we will review and offer recommendations for design, analytics, verbiage, navigation and mobile capabilities.

Shine Package monthly investment: $1,200


For clients who want the Good Vibes team on speed dial. Let Good Vibes help match your already FIERCE business with an equally powerful social media, email marketing and web presence. Your Social Media Strategy will lay out Strategic Campaigns to keep your brand top of mind with your online audience. To execute these plans, our team will handle daily management of your social media accounts, building relationships and brand reputation with timely, engaging content. Content will be created through partnerships, including two one-hour Photoshoots as well as Live Posting from two events/programs. In this package, we also begin Influencer Research for your brand. Meanwhile, your Email Marketing Strategy will stay consistent with two emails created and distributed per month. Following your Website Audit, our team will dedicate hours to executing recommendations and updates. With the Fierce Package, our team will be hands-on, helping elevate your brand through coordinated, strategic management.

Fierce Package monthly investment: $2,000


We understand there won’t always be a pre-determined solution for your business. Use the above-mentioned packages as a guideline but if something is missing, please review the range of services available from the Good Vibes team:

  • Brand strategy: $1,000

    • Branding worksheet/brainstorm

    • Brand culture identity

    • Mission Vision Values brand build

  • Public relations: $500 - 1,000

    • Spokespeople training

    • Press release/pitch writing

    • Pitching

    • Editorial placement

    • Cross-promotional opportunities

    • Speaking engagements

    • Award research/applications

  • Influencer relations: $1,000

    • Influencer research

    • Design of personalized Influencer Plan

    • Influencer relationship management

    • Influencer product seeding

  • Team Trainings: $500 - 1,000

    • Individual and team trainings

    • Lunch & Learn sessions

    • Half-day learning retreats

    • Company How-to Series

  • Website Updates: $500 - 2,000

    • Website audit

    • Website updates

    • Development of new website