Instagram-Worthy #WorkHardAnywhere Spots in Baltimore

As on-the-go workers, we're always trying to find a great place to work. As long as there's wifi, we're good....BUT we obviously prefer to hustle in beautiful places. We've found a few amazing spots throughout Baltimore that offer space where you can get inspired, get productive AND get delicious treats! 

Ceremony Coffee - Harbor Point
Exelon, 1312 Point Street, Baltimore, MD 21231
With delicious teas, coffees and toasts, Ceremony Coffee is one of our favorite spots to work. The new spot in Harbor Point not only has tons of windows offering natural light and view across the harbor but also has one-hour parking right on the curb. Their space here (and in Mount Vernon) is a favorite of the Good Vibes teams because of the airy openness. 

Ceremony Coffee - Good Vibes Consulting
ceremony coffee - good vibes consulting

Modern Cook Shop - Fells Point
901 S Wolfe St, Baltimore, MD 21231
Repeat after me...Natural. Light. YES! Cook Shop has a beautiful space in a non-busy section of Fells Point, making it a great spot to get work done. With a small hightop area dedicated to working professionals, you don't need to feel bad taking up space for lunch-goers. There are plugs along the center grid wall too! If you're looking for a bite, we recommend the Acai Bowl, the Beet-Cured Salmon Toast and the Fresh Fig & Arugula Flatbread. Make sure you say hit to Alicia for us! 

Modern Cook Shop Baltimore - Good Vibes Consulting
Modern Cook Shop Baltimore - Good Vibes Consulting

Artifact Coffee - Hampden
1500 Union Ave, Baltimore, MD 21211
Rustic and cozy, Artifact gives you a delightful space to work. The team from Artifact also owns Woodberry Kitchen, a must-dine spot in Baltimore, so you know their food and drinks are going to fantastic. The farm-to-table menu and vibe translate into a unique home away from home. Under the stone and wood decor, you can listen to vinyl jams as you knock out your next proposal. 

Artifact Coffee - Good Vibes Consulting
Artifact Coffee - Good Vibes Consulting

R. House - Remington
301 W 29th St, Baltimore, MD 21211
Looking for that cool college vibe but you graduated (we won't mention how many) years ago? R. House is your spot. It's like stepping into a cool, modern cafeteria/library/joint workspace. If you start early, Griddle & Grind has you covered. At lunch, there's a multitude of food options. AND, if you stay late enough for happy hour, R. Bar mixes a mean cocktail - making work just a little easier to handle. 

R. House Baltimore - Good Vibes Consulting
R. House Baltimore - Good Vibes Consulting

Bird In Hand
11 E. 33rd Street Baltimore, MD 21218
New(ish) to Charles Village, Bird In Hand is an amazing collaboration between Artifact Coffee and the Ivy Bookshop. If you're like us, you'll love the vibe - a present day place for any Belle-like-book-nerd to explore the bindings for ideas on your next design. 

Bird in Hand - Good Vibes Consulting
Bird in Hand Baltimore - Good Vibes Consulting

903 S Ann St, Baltimore, MD 21231
You may know Pitango for their (OMG IT'S SO GOOD) gelato but they also have a bakery in Fells Point that overlooks the water! It's a lovely spot that has great outdoor seating on warm days. Perfect spot to take in historic Fells Point and a freshly-baked croissant while you work. 

Pitango Bakery Baltimore - Good Vibes Consulting