Don't Lose Time on Instagram

As social media educators and managers, we’re often tied to the social media platforms that we utilize. Recently, Instagram has provided us with a wonderful tool we can use to measure and manage the time we spend (lose) there. By tracking your time, you can make sure that you’re spending your app time being productive and thoughtful, not just endlessly scrolling!

Tracking Your Activity on Instagram

  1. In your profile view, tap on the three lines in the top right corner

  2. Tap on Your Activity

  3. Here you can view your daily average, which is the average time you spend per day using the Instagram app on your device in the past week. You can tap on each bar in the bar graph, to see your daily times.

  4. Here is where you can also set a daily reminder —> Tap on Set Daily Reminder and choose how much time you’d like to be alerted. Once you’ve been on the app for this amount of time, you’ll get a notification that you’ve reached your self-imposed limit. Once you set the time, you can always go back and modify this - sometimes you need a little more time for a campaign or a want to enforce a little less scrolling!

We love Instagram just as much as you do, but realize it’s easy to get sucked in. Being on your phone too much can not only cause lack of productivity, but can also affect your sleep, your relationships and more! Give yourself a break and set some limits with this easy reminder!