Balti Virtual Featured by The Build Up!

We’re so excited to share that our friends at Balti Virtual were just featured by The Build Up, a digital series created by The Ellen Show on ellentube!

Balti Virtual is a state-of-the-art augmented reality/virtual reality studio that works to provide technological solutions to companies in every industry, including education, healthcare, manufacturing, and more. For this special project, they helped bring a mural to life with AR - bringing together art, technology and community here in Baltimore.

Using any smart device, visitors can download the free Augmented Reality app called AppAR8. When viewing the mural through a device, a set of virtual interactive drums pop off the wall! Each drum creates a different sound and colorful effect. When the user swipes up and down, they can switch between a standard and electronic drum set. Balti Virtual also included a number of “Easter eggs” in the mural that can be unlocked when the drums are played in certain ways, making it not only fun, but a puzzle game to play with friends.