Link Love Roundup October

It's been a wild month and we’re only one week away from November! This year has flown by and we know it gets tough to keep up. We’re always reading interesting articles, new studies, fun blogs — anything to help grow our business AND our minds. We’ve decided that there’s often too much going on to post about everything in depth BUT we still love sharing these interesting, thoughtful articles with you.

So…we’re starting the Good Vibes Roundup series!

Here are some fun articles and links we've been reading the past few weeks! 

On Success:
Responsibility: Not Apologizing When You Succeed Or Complaining When You Fail
via Medium Thrive Global

On Leadership:
Why Being Nice Makes You a Better Leader via Entrepreneur

On Mentorship:

The 5 types of mentors you need in your life via TED

On Stoping Self-Sabotage:
Female Founders Need to Stop Self-Sabotaging via Women Entrepreneur


Gov. Jerry Brown signs bill requiring California corporate boards to include women via LA Times

Stay tuned to the Good Vibes blog & social accounts as we continue our Roundup series! We’re all struggling to keep up with all the amazing reading out there - we’ll be here to keep you caught up on our favorite articles!