Su Casa Announces Major Expansion in Ellicott City

Su Casa, a locally-owned furniture and accessories store, is proud to continue the redevelopment of Historic Ellicott City by announcing the expansion of their current Main Street store to provide an attraction and hub for the community. The new store will expand to approximately 10,000 square feet, allowing the business to host and support local workshops, community events and more….

Help after the Ellicott City Flooding

In 2016, our local town of Ellicott City was hit with a devastating flash flooding, nearly wiping out every business on Main Street. Unfortunately, after many had worked hard to reopen and start welcoming guests back into the town, they were hit again. 

This past weekend, Ellicott City was struck with yet another flash flood - possibly even worse than last time. Once again, many of the amazing, small businesses have been damaged and destroyed. 

How to Celebrate Small Business Week

This week (April 29 - May5) has been designated as National Small Business Week and we're taking the time to celebrate! These doers and makers and hustlers and risk-takers walk the walk. Despite the uncertainty and challenges, they push forward because it's what drives them. We need these inspirational innovators! Here are some easy ways to celebrate Small Businesses!

Instagram-Worthy #WorkHardAnywhere Spots in Baltimore

As on-the-go workers, we're always trying to find a great place to work. As long as there's wifi, we're good....BUT we obviously prefer to hustle in beautiful places. We've found a few amazing spots throughout Baltimore that offer space where you can get inspired, get productive AND get delicious treats!